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The Drum Channel Method is an innovative drum set method that teaches the How, What, and Why of playing the drum set. It focuses on five main topics: technique, vocabulary development and rudiments, notation reading and general music terms, independence, and repertoire development.

Through this progressive curriculum, students gain access to the concepts and material I have used throughout my 30-plus years as a player, clinician, private instructor, and faculty member at various institutions in higher education such as The Los Angeles College of Music, Musician’s Institute, Azusa Pacific University, and Citrus College. The goal of the series is to create an inclusive carefully constructed curriculum that properly guides the student from the very beginning of learning the instrument to being prepared to play professionally and further their study in higher education if they choose to. Additionally, it is an excellent curriculum for teachers to use with their students.

The Drum Channel Method is available as four ebooks published by Hudson Music and as ten asynchronous online courses at Drum Channel. 

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For more information visit Drum Channel:

For more information visit Hudson Music:


   The Bass Drum Owners Manual                       DIGITAL BOOK + DVD


The Bass Drum Owners Manual is a comprehensive method for developing accuracy, power, speed, and sound quality on the bass drum. This unique and innovative approach relates the motions taught by Sanford Moeller (commonly applied to the hands) and applies them to the feet. By studying the vocabulary and technique exercises and the groove and hand and foot combination etudes, students will increase their vocabulary, rhythmic accuracy, and overall control of the bass drum beater.

This book is for anyone who is frustrated by not being able to accurately execute their ideas on the bass drum with consistency. Whether you need a refining of your technique or you are new to the drums and want to begin by developing a strong foundation from the start, this method will guide you step by step as you develop the control needed to play rhythms accurately.

Additionally, it is an excellent curriculum for teachers to use with their students.

Be sure to check out the digital downloads for supplementary video demonstration of many of the techniques and exercises contained in this book.


Visit Modern Drummer for more information and to purchase:

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Part of a full line of 5000 Series specialty pedals, the 5000 Heel-less is a revolutionary design that offers drummer a low profile option that’s suited for both heel-up and heel-down players. It’s heel-less profile allows drums an uninhibited rocking motion that improves speed and makes for even, effortless double strokes on the bass drum. 

Other features include aluminum hex shafts, pedal plates, and linkages, dual side adjusting hoop clamp, 101 two-way beater, and built in spurs. These pedals can be customized to fit the needs of any player. (U.S. Patent Nos. 5204485, 4756224, 5431081, 5578777. Foreign Patents Pending.) 

To purchase visit:

Join Mike Packer (the inventor) and Rich Sikra (DW R&D) as they demonstrate and discuss the benefits of the 5000ADH Heelless bass drum pedal. It's truly a feeling you must try yourself to fully appreciate, but the physics make sense. No heal means that you have a longer pedal stroke as well as an ultra-comfortable grounded feel. Double strokes feel stronger with less effort, and the sleek look can't be ignored. Mike and Rich spent many hours perfecting this pedal and even figured out a way to integrate DW's unique super-smooth ball-bearing hinge into the footboard of the pedal, while maintaining the low profile that makes the heelless feel so special. The 5002 Double Heelless pedal is also available.

DW5000ADH bass drum pedal
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