I'm very passionate about drum set pedagogy and passing to others all I know about the instrument. I've been teaching at various institutions for over 20 years and have been traveling the world presenting clinics and master classes for those who are interested in improving their craft. Below is a list of some of the events and institutions I've been honored to be involved with:


2016-Clinician, China Jazz Education Festival, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

2014-2016 Clinician, University De Las Americas (UDLA), Quito Ecuador

2014-2015 Clinician, Seoul Music High School, Seoul Korea

2014-2015 Clinician, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Seoul Korea

2014 Clinician, Uni Music, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong

2013 Clinician, Drum Summit, Beijing China

2006 Clinician, SCSBOA Convention

2005 Clinician, University of Northern Colorado 2002-2007


Adjunct Faculty:

Los Angeles College of Music, 1996-present

Azusa Pacific University, 2003-2007

Citrus College, 2001-2007

Grammy Camp Faculty, 2004-2008

Below are some videos I created for my Youtube channel. They are a series of bass drum technique lessons and should be viewed in order.

Lesson 1.

Lesson 3.

Lesson 2.

Lesson 4. Foot Technique Series

At the completion of the DC Bass Drum Technique Series, students will have the knowledge and ability to play many commonly used bass drum rhythms and patterns accurately. Through detailed explanation of motion, control and weight distribution, students will understand how the pedal functions and the options they have when playing notes or patterns. These lessons will focus on the sound quality of the bass drum along with both the accuracy and placement of the notes. Mike Packer will present all of the common motions used by drummers past and present to educate students so they can make informed decisions regarding their technique.


Lesson 1 - The Toe Stroke

Lesson 2 - The Leg Stroke

Lesson 3 - The Ankle Stroke

Lesson 4 - The Upstroke

Lesson 5 - Doubles

Lesson 6 - Consecutive Doubles Fast

Lesson 7 - Three Notes In A Row

Lesson 8 - Four Notes In A Row

Lesson 9 - Common Rhythms

Lesson 10 - Consecutive Single Strokes

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